Time to unpack the whites that we so sadly packed away last September (at least for those who follow the dictates of the fashion world). They wouldn’t be caught dead wearing white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.

I always thought it was a silly rule and did not adhere to it. I just prefer not to wear white until summer is here or when unseasonably cold northwest winds blow in mid-September.

I have noticed in years past that most women no longer pay any attention to this silly rule anyway.

Men were told to put way their Panama hats when we put away the whites. Do they still wear them? I haven’t seen one in years. Have they vanished like spats for men?

To wear white or not to wear white is pretty trivial when we think of the real and important reason that we observe Memorial Day.

To honor our fallen heroes.

Each year there are more names added to the roster of lost young men and women because of war.

Man has always sought peace since the beginning of time with no success. Some day someone will come up with a solution to end strife.

We can only hope.

Remember our military in your prayers — not only today, but always.