I usually associate college and high school reunions with the month of June but I continue to receive invitations to them during the summer too. But I am not a fan of attending them. I went to my thirty-year reunion and was sadly disappointed. Too many of my classmates were no-shows.

Now, some decades later, there would be even fewer people. Chances are we would not recognize each other without nametags, that is if they are printed in large block letters so we can read them with our myopic vision.

A college professor once told us that if (when we were older), we could stand up an apparition that was us at eighteen or twenty years old, we would not recognize ourselves.

I prefer to remember my classmates in their prime – frozen in time’s memory.

When I attended years ago, I looked for the homecoming queen. She was now married with children and had put on more pounds than would be considered healthy.  I get no joy in saying this, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction, I must confess.

The boy who sat in front of me for four years of high school and badgered me for dates barely acknowledged my existence. A blow to my ego.

The star athlete on our football team did not remember too much about me either although he wrote on his class picture that he gave me he would never forget me.

Where was my best friend throughout high school? We used to sit together sipping cokes devising ways to get a certain boy to notice us and failed utterly. She married someone from another city and moved away, never to be heard of again.

I guess I have a better memory and recollection of my high school days than my classmates because most of the few that did attend did not recall half of what I did. So it was a disappointment to me and I did not attend again.

None of my former teachers were there either and I wanted so desperately to see them and tell them how they were so right about me and that I had gone on to bigger and better things. (I had not, but then we all lie a little bit at those occasions, don’t we?)

Phyllis Diller was right as she once joked about reunions in her stand-up comedy act, “Most of them were so old, fat and bald, they did not recognize me.”