Could we do one holiday at a time, please? We had barely closed the door to the last person on our doorstep crying “trick or treat” when we heard commercials sung on our radios to the tune of Christmas songs. The president hasn’t pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey yet, for heaven’s sake, and we are being bombarded with fliers from stores hawking Christmas trees and assorted gift ideas.

What’s next? I can see it now: Santa Claus, forsaking his red suit, will be dressed as the Easter Bunny, enjoying a basket filled with the seasonal, fruit-filled pastry called Paczki (pronounced poonch-kees), formerly associated with Fat Tuesday in February.

The Memorial Day parade will include a 4th of July observance. A parade around Labor Day will include someone dressed as a Pilgrim to remind us to buy our frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving Day.

After all, where does the time go?