Do you remember where you were or what you were doing about six months ago? I do.

On June 30, I sat on my balcony overlooking the man-made pond below. I listened to the fountain aerating the water. I felt a mixture of joy and sadness. I was filled with joy because of the wonderful weather and was also sad because it was the last day of my favorite month.

I let my imagination roam to six months hence, when it would be Dec. 30. Perhaps there would be a blanket of snow and ice covering the pond, no more geese and ducks floating leisurely on the surface of the water.

No one would be sitting on the deck sunning during a break from work.

The phrase, “Hot ’nuff for ya?” would be replaced with “Cold ’nuff for ya?”

Lawn mowers would be silent, replaced by the scrape of a metal shovel on the walks and the sound of snowplows clearing the parking lots.

It was difficult to imagine it as I felt the warmth of the day enclose me.

A neighbor’s dog that was content to roam the yard in June would be barking to be let in from the cold in six months.

Saying goodbye to the lovely month was like saying goodbye to a dear friend who had dropped in for an all-too-brief visit. Everyone had looked forward to spring with great anticipation due to the lingering cold temperatures and rainy days.

Now, nearly six months later, no more walkers greet each other on their walks. No gnats, flies or mosquitoes hover about my head on this cool morning.

The trees are barren. The green grass and the scent of freshly mowed lawns are no more.

Soon our thoughts will turn to spring, and once again it will be June 30.

We spend an awful lot of our days wishing for time to pass until we near the end and realize how precious each day is.