A recent headline during the teachers strike read: “Union anger hard to quell.”

Reading headlines in newspapers and listening to the radio and television, I find that there is much more anger than ever in the world — raised fists, angry shouts, rock throwing.

How do you deal with anger when faced with it, or if you encounter rudeness in the workplace or while shopping or driving?

We all let petty things annoy us from time to time. It’s human nature. How we react to them reveals a lot about ourselves.

I do not wish to imply that we should all become wimps and not retaliate when we are faced with someone’s anger or rudeness. But our reactions also portray our general outlook on life, our happiness.

When I read a book or a newspaper, I keep a pen and notepad handy to jot down phrases, anecdotes or quotes that strike my fancy. This is a habit I started many years ago. The very first one I wrote down was, “A person may be measured by the size of the things that anger him.”

A story I ran across one time was about two men shopping together and a salesclerk was extremely rude. One of the customers continued to be very pleasant throughout the transaction. As they left, the friend asked, “How could you take that rudeness so calmly and not respond in kind?” He replied, “I’m not going to let someone else determine my mood.”

Here is one of my favorites: “He who angers me controls me.”