We have just experienced a most wonderful time of the year – Christmas.  But there are many other times also wonderful, for different reasons.

It’s true, there is that wonderful anticipation of Christmas with the songs and decorations, the excitement of little children. But after Christmas, there is a letdown in the aftermath. It’s over too soon.

January looms on the horizon. Long lines in the stores at the return and exchange counters.  Snow, wind and cold temperatures are all so bleak. But then comes February and a few warm days and we start thinking of spring. 

March is another wonderful time. Casting off the drab, dull colors of winter attire, we reach for summery pastel garments. Trees are budding, robins are chirping, new growth abounds.  Windy and rainy days, with an occasional day of snow flurries can’t dampen our spirits. When we think ahead, spring is followed by the delights of summer and we have the picnics, backyard barbecues, vacations, etc. to savor. While summers can be ephemeral, we learn to appreciate the days so much more, knowing they will end soon.  Summer ends, followed by fall to enjoy with its own beauty and soon it will be Christmas again.

The cycles of life continue to enrich us and we look forward to all of them. Maybe my age is showing, but I don’t remember feeling this way as a youngster. As most youthful people do, I took it all in stride and accepted it as my due.  I don’t mean to be preachy, but whatever your age, get out there and enjoy the coming days while you may. Life is short and so are each of the seasons.  But all deserve our gratitude because they can disappear as quickly as the snow on a sunny warm day in spring. Like white, puffy clouds, you can’t hold them in your hands, but learn to absorb them while you can.

I am not trivializing all the sadness and tragic events in the world, but we must learn to enjoy the good times because they can be taken away so quickly.