Standing in line the other day at the grocery store, I thought of the expression, minding one’s P’s and Q’s.  I changed it to “Minding one’s “P’s in queues” as I waited.

The original expression was from olden days when patrons in taverns were told to mind the pints and quarts they consumed.I possess a propensity for picking the pokiest line wherever I go.        I admit there are far greater problems in the world than this but this can also be a vexing one.

To pass the time, I thought of words that begin with P and Q.   The first P that came to mind now was Patience.  That is a prerequisite.  Then came Pleasant.  No sense in being upset.  Won’t help.  Perseverance – Remain in the queue you have picked.  Quitting your original queue may result in a longer wait.     Perhaps it only seems like the checkout clerks at the grocery store change shifts when I am in their queue.  Or that there will be a computer glitch.  The baggers do not go to another station just because I’m in their line, do they?

In order to remain calm, I perused the labels on items in my cart.  That led me to think of all the words that begin with the letter P and Q. Perspicacious.  That led to Perceptive.  Need that in finding the shortest and quickest queue. Next I thought of words beginning with “Q.”  Quiet.  Don’t grumble about the wait.

Quagmire.  A difficult or precarious (there’s another “P.) situation from which it is difficult to escape,

Quantum.  Should I take a quantum leap to another queue?          

Qualm – A sudden feeling of sickness.  Dare I pretend I am ready to faint and thus move to the head of the queue?

Question.   I just asked myself a couple.

Quincy.  Old joke. A man tells a friend, “My wife just had Quincy .  Friend asks. “How many kids does that make now?”

“Quick,” I hear someone say, “They’re preparing to open another register.”

Don’t quote me on this but I have a premonition that this is a precursor of what lies ahead.  It’s all part of a greater plan to prepare us for that long, last queue in the sky to enter the Pearly Gates. 

In parting, permit me to say:  Peace.