Reading advertising about Easter and the Easter Bunny, I found myself wondering how a rabbit got to be connected with bringing eggs to the boys and girls. If I’m not wrong, I also believe they refer to the rabbit as a male. Rabbits do not lay eggs. Hens do.  Rabbits must have better publicity agents than the poor hens.

Jelly beans, Peeps and plastic eggs are believable and readily available in stores.  Ronald Reagan is credited with saying, “It’s amazing how much gets done when no one worries about who gets the credit.”

If your boss hands in a report that you have slaved over for weeks and takes all the credit, remember that poor, lowly chicken.

Through the ages, there have been other instances where someone got all the credit for work done by someone else.  Columbus is usually credited with discovering America when many people think it was Leif Erickson. Poor Erickson does not get a special day. Years before Columbus had persuaded anyone to give him a dime, Leif had already been here, according to some sources. Besides, Columbus didn’t even know where he was when he landed here.

Some people believe someone else wrote all those plays for which Shakespeare receives credit.

At Christmas, Santa Claus gets all the credit. Every toy comes assembled – including batteries.

So the chicken continues laying the eggs without ever knowing what Reagan said and the Easter Bunny hops on his merry way, taking all the credit.  If I were a chicken, I think I’d slip some raw eggs into the little basket. Let the rabbit explain that! And how come they are hard boiled and colored in the first place? Let the rabbit explain that as well.

“Hoppy” Easter.