Whenever I read anything about the queen of England, I often ponder how different my life is (and was) from hers.  We are about the same age.

I am not at all envious of her but there are a few instances where I wouldn’t mind trading with her because:

She never has to stand in line at the bank, post office or grocery  store.

The doctor comes to her instead of the other way around.

She gets no telemarketing calls while she is in the shower despite being on a do not call list.

She does not have to hand wash personal items.

She works out of her home and there is no need to scurry after a departing bus only to find she has a run in her hose.

No one expects her to show up for a Tupperware, jewelry or makeup demonstration.

Parallel parking is not a problem for her and no power-mad road tester ever flunked her because she bumped the curb too often.

The garbage truck never came early causing her to race after it in her robe and slippers because she forgot to put the can at the curb.

On the other hand, being a nobody has its perks too. 

I’ll wager she probably did not have my special treat on Mother’s Day:

Being served breakfast (Daddy supervised) in bed with:

Fresh squeezed orange juice with seeds and rind floating in it.

Soggy toast

Half cooked (in the micro wave) oatmeal,

Tepid re-heated coffee.   

Breakfast also included a single dandelion,

 stuck in a bud vase. 

A home-made card in a childish scrawl written with a crayon, that read, “We luv you mommie,”  

I will never be a queen but I often felt like one in years past and still do on Mothers’ Day, thanks to my two wonderful offspring.

Happy Mothers’ Day.