An item in the Daily Chronicle’s Looking Back 50 years ago section stated that “the Post Office Department’s revolutionary new system of improved mail dispatch and delivery goes into effect July 1.”

That would make that 1963.

Has it only been fifty years?  I can hardly remember a time when we did not have to include this on our outgoing mail.

I do remember people complaining about yet another set of numbers we had to memorize.  That came after the long distance area codes we all had to put in our memory banks.  But they did not stop there.  We were reminded later to dial the number one first.

I guess we are fortunate we no longer use Roman numerals.   

Despite a memory lapse from time to time, I am impressed with how wonderful it is that our minds can adapt to so many events, things, circumstances, etc..

How we adjust our thinking makes up who we are.  Needless to say, some of us cope better than others but we are all given a brain.

Someone  once told me that we have grooves in our brain and in those grooves is gray matter.  The number of grooves and amount of gray matter determines our intelligence.  (I can’t verify this, so don’t quote me.)

I don’t pretend to understand the workings of the thought process but it does astound me what we can do if we put or minds to it.

At night our mind conjures up so many strange dreams and nightmares.  Perhaps it is influenced by our daytime activities plus all the sights and sounds with which we are bombarded in an evening of watching television.  The myriad commercials, the stories with the intriguing plot lines.  And we remember when we have seen a movie after viewing just a small segment of it.

And yet scientists say we only use a small percentage of our brains.  What if we could use ALL of it?  We’d all be geniuses with no room for improvement.

Wait a minute.  I do remember seeing a sign on a road side one time that said there is a difference between genius and stupidity.  Genius does have its limitations.

 So I could be wrong.