We spend a lot of time in our lifetime wishing it away.

As a child, I could not wait to start school.  Back then we had no nursery schools and my school did not even have Kindergarten and I had to wait until I was six years old to learn to read.  I could hardly wait.     

Time is a difficult concept to a small child.  You tell your child you will take him/her to the zoo in two days and they might ask 15 minutes later if we are leaving soon.   To a pet that eats in the morning and night, the time in between may seem interminable.

Two weeks on vacation does not seem the same as two weeks on a diet or a stay in the hospital.

We always wish time to hurry until a special milestone in our lives occurs, like becoming a teenager, getting our first driver’s license, meeting our soul-mate with whom we’ll spend the rest of our lives

A pregnant woman longs for the time she will deliver her baby; then for the time when they are out of diapers, going to school, arriving home safely from the prom.

During the work day I remember anxiously waiting for quitting time, pay day, a promotion.

Buying our first home, we were anxious to pay off the mortgage, waiting for our college age children to return home during spring break, etc.

Time spent in a dentist chair seems to stand still. 

Enjoying a favorite repast is over in seconds

Political campaigns only seem endless

How quickly the remaining months until Christmas pass depends on your point of view…how much you have to do, how many gifts to buy, cards to address, etc.

Those of us in our senior years, wonder at the quick passage of time now compared to when we were young. 

Some of us have pill boxes with compartments for each day of the week to assist us in remembering to take our medicines.  I am always amazed that another week has gone by and there is a need to refill the compartments.

With fall approaching, we are aware of the quickening pace of time between seasons.  Soon we will turn our clocks back.  How wonderful if that were really possible.