Preparing for cataract surgery, I was given pre-op instructions, i.e., do not wear cologne.  Not a problem for me since I don’t use it..

I do believe we have become “over-scentsitive.”

What are manufacturers of scents  putting into their products these days?  I get a headache every time I’m near anyone wearing cologne.

A person on the wait staff in a restaurant recently doused herself with so much fragrance it became intolerable to have her serve us.  Who wants to smell anything but food while dining?

We used to joke when someone we worked with was too spray-happy with cologne, saying, “Why take a bath when perfume is so cheap?”  You can tell that was a long time ago because scents are no longer cheap!

I phoned the manufacturer once to complain about the heavy scent of lemon in their dishwashing liquid.  Before I could lodge my feelings with anyone that mattered, the person who answered asked my age.

I replied, “What‘s that got to do with it?  It’s my olfactory nerve that is offended, not my advanced age.”  I hung up and just switched to another brand.

According to one source, the custom of June weddings came about because flowers were then blooming to offset the scent of the unwashed bodies over winter.  Hooray for our modern age and daily bathing!

I don’t get around much these days so I don’t know if they still do it.  But there was a time when you entered a department store, someone aimed a bottle of cologne at you ready to spray.  “No, thanks,” I’d say.  “I bathed today.”

The late comedienne, Phyllis Diller, used to tell us she’d spray lemon scented furniture polish behind her ears so she’d smell tired when her husband came home.

Whenever possible, I buy unscented products.  Whatever happened to the natural scent of things? 

We’ve come a long ways since Lifebuoy soap.  Remember when Ralphie in the film “The Christmas Story,” used that  expletive and his mother stuck a bar of that soap in his mouth?

How about duplicating the scent of freshly-cut grass…cologne that smells like bacon frying?  On second thought, I don’t want the neighborhood dogs following me around either. 

Now don’t get me started on scented toilet paper.