…seeing the eager faces of young children as they anticipate the arrival of Santa.  The joy and look of wonderment in their faces is priceless.

We all become little children again at this time of the year as we look forward to being with loved ones.  Gifts no longer mean that much to us as the joy of reunion with children, parents, grandparents and other relatives is the most precious gift.

Those of us in the winter of our lives have lived through more Christmases than we will have in the future.  But, so what?  We have all those wonderful memories.

I would have loved to have more Christmases with my husband of many years but not everyone had the luxury of as many years as we had.

We elderly no longer look for Santa with the anticipation of the young, but look forward to being with the person for whom the holiday is meant.

And I won’t say Happy Holiday , but Merry Christmas as that is what it’s all about.