When I took a course in anthropology in college, I first heard the word “anomie.” Webster’s dictionary describes it as a collapse of the social structure.
That word comes to mind when I try to find something on television these days. I hope that the following won’t be dismissed as just the rants of an aging senior citizen.
We senior citizens have had our time in the sun and must make way for the younger generation, but there are some things that I find hard to accept without comment.
It’s no secret that as we age, some of our senses deteriorate, as in the case of sight and hearing, to mention just two. Loss of hearing isn’t bad when it comes to the level of noise on television and radio these days.
Commercials are louder than regular programming despite protestations of the networks. Why else do we wake up while watching an old movie during a commercial? The sudden change in decibels disturbs our slumber.
It’s difficult for me to keep up with the breakneck speed of the newscasts. Major headlines are rattled off so quickly, it’s hard to grasp it all. Some times I look at the clock and see all this has been told in five minutes.
When did they start using all that background noise? I refuse to call it music even though musical instruments are used, like percussion, horns and possibly some stringed ones. There is one television channel that has some very nice dramatic programs. But I usually turn it off because there is an annoying and constant plunk, plank, plink in the background.
How about the absence of good taste? Any time of day or night now you might hear a commercial for a product aimed at improving a man’s sexual performance. Judging by how many times it airs, this must be a very serious problem. Wouldn’t it be better to discuss this with one’s family doctor? Let’s hear more about improvement in a cure for cancer or heart disease instead.
Don’t you miss the good old days of Dave Garroway? Remember the slow pace and relaxed way he conducted his “Today” show?
I know. I know. I’m just an old fuddy-duddy.