I received an email recently that listed items that were not available around 100 years ago. There was one glaring omission: email. I am so glad I live in this era.
I admit it – I am addicted to email. I am not a phone person and do not like phone calls.   That insistent ringing demanding that I drop everything and answer is very intrusive.  But that little “pling” on my computer, gets me to it at my leisure. My curiosity does drive me to it quite promptly though, I will confess.
It’s a great source for jokes, interesting facts and inspirational messages too.  Threatening emails telling me to forward them or suffer the consequences as well as those that promise wonderful results get deleted immediately. I believe there is a higher power governing our lives.  
It is much simpler to stay in touch with a friend via email without having to type or hand-write a letter, print it, address an envelope, stick a stamp on it, seal it and carry it to a mailbox or post office to get it on its way. The U.S. Postal Service does a good job of getting the mail to the addressee promptly, but it’s just not as immediate as email.
Some of my acquaintances who do not email and are not familiar with the concept of a computer and the source of information it can be, pooh-pooh my addiction.
If I did not have email, where else would I learn that around 100 years ago, women washed their hair only once a month with borax and egg yolks?
Or, that Coca Cola, back then, contained cocaine instead of caffeine.
One hundred years ago only 8 percent of homes had phones and a call from Denver to New York cost $11.
Forwarded e-mails often show me wonderful places (with accompanying music) in the world that I would never visit.
Shopping online is a blessing and not having to deal with crowded malls and long waits at the checkout line. Trying on garments ordered online in the privacy of your own home is another plus.  
I also might never have heard the word lexophile without email. Lexophiles like to play with words. They meet and compete by coming up with something like the following:  A guy fell into an upholstery machine and is now fully recovered. Or: A thief who stole a calendar got 12 months.