You’ve probably heard that writing is a lonely profession, and I’m sure there are many other professions equally lonely.

With computers being so readily available, we have spawned a growing crop of would-be writers. The popularity of Twitter and Facebook and the space in newspapers devoted to letters to the editor are examples of the ease with which we can voice our opinions.

A documentary about Mark Twain amazed me that he wrote so many pieces in longhand without a typewriter, let alone a computer. He was one of the first writers to use a typewriter once it was invented. With a mind like he had, imagine what he could do were he alive today.

Goes to show you that equipment is not a prerequisite for success in the writing field. All it takes to be successful is to have a creative mind like Twain had.

Besides his writing skill, he was very successful on the lecture circuit and who hasn’t heard at least several of his witticisms that have survived through the ages?

When you come right down to it, all the words in the dictionary are available to all of us. It’s just that some people manage to put them together in a more entertaining and interesting way than others.

I once read about an exhibit of someone’s photography. One viewer remarked, “You must have a wonderful camera.”

The photographer asked her what she did for a living. When she told him she was a successful, best-selling author, he replied, “You must have a wonderful typewriter.”

Might not be a true story but makes a lot of sense.