I am retired and no longer have to battle the elements to get to work when the weather is bad, so I don’t mean to trivialize winter weather. But this is nothing new. We had cold weather when I was growing up. But we did not have hourly reports about wind chill, polar vortex, etc. We just knew it was cold out there.

When I was growing up, we had no central heating. A “parlor” furnace in the living room and a wood-burning range in the kitchen were our sources of heat. The kitchen was always the warmest room in the house and was the “family” room in those days. We played cards on the kitchen table, put puzzles together there and popped corn on the kitchen range in an iron skillet over the open fire by removing the stove lid. The walk to school with a northwest wind blowing into our scarf-covered faces was no picnic. We had not heard of the wind-chill factor although we most certainly were experiencing it.

How did we survive in the old days without the hourly reports of how cold we were?