A rumor has persisted that Barbara Walters once asked Katharine Hepburn, if she were a tree, which kind of tree would that be?
In Walters’ autobiography, ”Auditions,” she relates:
“I asked [Hepburn] why she thought she had become sort of a legend. She replied, ‘I’m like a tree,’”
So Walters asked her what kind of tree.
If I were asked that question, I would say, a pine tree, or any others commonly used at Christmas. Think of being brought inside a warm house and decorated with all those pretty lights and various keepsake ornaments. I’d be surrounded by happy, expectant children waiting for Santa and the gifts he would bring. I’d be a part of a very joyous occasion.
You might say, but that is short-lived.
But it won’t necessarily end there. A recent article stated that 93 percent of Christmas trees are recycled. They also may be used in gardens.
You also can decorate a growing tree outside your home. After Christmas, it would be a place for birds to build nests. You could hear their chirping all day long and then see the baby birds being sent out to fly for the first time.
The ubiquitous squirrels would be scampering among the branches the year round, too. You’d be providing a haven for many of God’s little creatures.
What tree would you like to be?