Does your dog ever laugh out loud?  Has your cat ever smiled at you?

Animals don’t have a sense of humor as we humans do. Oh sure, the dog wags its tail when it’s happy to see you and your cat purrs when it’s content and full of milk. But try telling either one of them a joke and neither will laugh.

What makes you laugh? Is it a pie in the face? Seeing someone slip on ice or a banana peel?

Personally, I enjoy the droll, dry wit of the British, like Winston Churchill. He once was quoted as saying ”There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at and missed.”

The late, great Robert Benchley is another favorite. When sent to Venice, Italy, on assignment, he was reported to have sent a telegram to his editor here in the U.S., saying “City under water, wire instructions.”

Through the years I have amassed a collection of jokes and anecdotes like that. They still provide a laugh for me even after hearing them often.

Granted, there is not much to laugh about these days with all the tragedies in the world. Certainly a terminally ill patient lying in a hospital bed won’t find much to laugh about. Doctors and nurses are known to have a good sense of humor, even though they face tragedy every day. A nurse once told me that you have to laugh to keep from crying at times.

A laugh or a smile is a wonderful day brightener. What is the first thing you do when encountering a baby? You try to make him or her smile, don’t you? And doesn’t it make you feel wonderful when they reward you with one?

I live by the old adage, “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone. For this sad old earth has need of your mirth, It has tears enough of its own.”

If you have not laughed yet today, make a funny face in front of a mirror and have a good laugh at yourself. It’s not nice to laugh about others, but OK to laugh at ourselves, for we will never run out of material.

I love to laugh and make others do the same.  In my archives I found this:

“He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh.”