Don’t you just love that word “miscellaneous”?  My dictionary describes it as made up of a variety of parts or ingredients.

As I was attempting to organize my copious files, I realized that without that category, I would not get very far. I also thought that we do that in filing people into categories, too.

We might think of one as fun to be with, another may complain a lot, so we’d file them under whiner. There are some people who are merely acquaintances, and they’d go into our mental miscellaneous folder.

That made me think, just what is a friend? I like what I read a long time ago, i.e., a friend is not necessarily someone we like for what they are, but what they make us see in ourselves.

Where do you think you’d be filed among your various acquaintances and friends?

Would you be filed under boring, helpful, or obnoxious, etc.? We might be surprised to learn that we may not find our name under the category we’d like.

Reading about the responders to the tornado victims, I felt such warmth toward them and can only imagine how the recipients of that kindness must have felt. Although they had not known them prior to this event, I am sure they ended up considering them friends.

Friendships often take years to solidify.  There is a bonding that occurs through sharing a tragedy as well as a happy event.

A group of young children were once asked to give their definition of a friend.

This is my favorite: A friend is someone who sticks up for you even when you are not there.

To me the gift of friendship tops all other gifts, and I treasure each and every one, even the ones who are just acquaintances.

Just as steel must be tempered by going through the fire, sometimes a good friendship has to be forged by going through turmoil or a misunderstanding.

Probably the best definition of a friend is this one: It is someone who knows all about you and still likes you.