The following is a saying that was going around some years ago:

“We too soon get oldt und too late shmart.”  Today, I’d change “shmart” to mellow.

A mellow person has a thick skin and a sense of self-worth. One has to be mature (or mellow) and not let be bothered by things that might have bothered us when we were younger. A cutting remark directed at us is not nearly as bad as being cut on the streets by a knife-wielding thug.

A mellow person shrugs off the slings and arrows that life deals us.

When it comes to aging, we used to think 40 was old, but once you reach the other side of 40, it seems youthful.  There are all sorts of euphemisms now, too, about the older generation.

They are not old, but elderly. They don’t die, but pass on, go to their reward, or get their just desserts, depending on destination.

Mellow-aged people have endured many changes.  How one adapts is part of the mellowing process.

The sad thing about getting older is that for many it means the loss of a spouse and living alone. It would be easy to seclude oneself and have a pity party.

But most of the elderly people I know do not sit in their rocking chairs regretting things they did or did not do, but are busy writing, reading, doing handicrafts, doing volunteer work, etc.

A friend of mine, whom I admire very much, still knits although her eyesight is failing and she cannot see her own handiwork too well. She also has a wonderful outlook on life and still has a great memory on which to draw when we are trying to recall an event or movie.  Did I mention she is 106 years old?

Being mellow means you know you can’t change what happened long ago and you deal with it. I like Frank Sinatra’s signature song, “My Way.”

Being able to live with yourself in your dotage is a great adjustment and part of the mellowing process.

If you sit around fretting about what people think of you, forget it. They aren’t thinking of you at all. This applies to everyone, not just us mellow persons.

It’s true, some people are mellower than others. I’d say if you don’t mellow, you become old.

To what category do you belong?