When I think of the grueling political campaigns that are beginning earlier and earlier each year, I wonder how the candidates have the stamina to handle them.

I’m already exhausted.  There will be tiresome articles in our nation’s newspapers, the television interviews, debates and the commentary after it for the media to tell us what the candidates meant.

The presidential election is still a year and several months away.  Who will remember what a candidate said by that time?

Who remembers the man who gave such a lengthy speech or what he said before Lincoln’s short Gettysburg address?  Yet we all remember Lincoln and what he said.  If brevity is the soul of wit, it’s also a good quality to remember when speaking.

We should be informed but the brain’s capacity is finite and who can absorb all we will hear in the months ahead?

The following quote from a book I read seems appropriate:  An excess of information resists analysis and comprehension in much the same way a lack of it does.

I hope the candidates will remember to count their words, as well as make their words count.