There are many songs with time in their theme.

“It’s 3 o’clock In the Morning,” “Didn’t Know What Time it Was,” “As Time Goes By,” to mention a few.

In old movies, between scenes, they sometimes depicted the passage of time by showing the wind flipping rapidly through a calendar. I liken time passing as though I’m viewing a parade with floats bearing the names of the months disappearing all too quickly.

The June float, with its verdant decorations and robins chirping, is a distant memory. Before we knew it, the July float came along, with a marching band playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and cannons and bells emphasizing the multicolored fireworks display.

The dog days of summer in August are upon us. This float is not as beautiful as the first two floats. This one is occupied with glum-faced youngsters, clutching pencils and notebooks. School bells may be heard in the distance.

Where did summer go?

The September float’s nostalgic September song and its so-very-true lyrics, “And the days dwindle down to a precious few,” is another reminder that time is fleeting.

Bright orange pumpkins with carved smiling faces amid the gold, russet and brown floral background is next on the October float. That one will pass just ahead of November.

But not to worry. Floats are like street cars – another one will come along shortly.

November with pilgrims feasting on stuffed turkeys, followed by pumpkin pie for dessert is next. Anxious December jumps ahead in the line with Santa ho-ho-ing to wish us a Merry Christmas. What’s the big rush?

When the winter float comes along, do not fret. Remember, the spring float will soon follow.

Motifs for January, February, March, April and May floats are in the planning stages.

How will they look? Maybe we can all pitch in and think of different designs. How about if we skip the floral and holiday motifs and instead use as our motifs, kindness for January. fellowship for February, goodwill in March, friendship in April and charity for May.

I’d vote for a float for peace and happiness, and an end to violence and cruelty toward our fellow men.

But hasten with your ideas.  As the old song says, time waits for no one.”