We have 366 days this year because of the leap year. It takes the Earth 365.2422 days to orbit around the sun according to the Internet. We can thank Julius Caesar who in A.D. 45 stipulated that an extra day be added in February every four years to make this adjustment.

What to do with this bonus day?

How many women propose to men as was the custom years ago? We could resolve to improve something in our lives like we do when we make New Year’s resolutions. I did not make any though because like most of us, I don’t do well with them.  It’s sort of like going on a diet.  They say the second day of a diet is the easiest because by that time, we are off of it.

There is plenty of time for us to think of doing something we’ve never done before.  Sort of like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in the movie “The Bucket List.” They meet in a hospital with each having a terminal illness.

They do all sorts of things, before “kicking the bucket.” One of the things they do is skydive, but that’s not for me. The thought of stepping out into the wild blue yonder at 30,000 feet would paralyze me even more than being strapped in a metal tube for the flight.  Claustrophobia, you know.

Then there is painting, as Grandma Moses did in her advanced years, but I can’t even draw a stick man.  So that’s out, too.

How about self-improvement. But we usually do that during Lent.  So I will save that for then.

I’ve always envied tap dancers.  But my arthritic knees could not tolerate that.

When I was a little girl, my father would sometimes give me a nickel for being good, with the admonition, “Now don’t spend it all at once.”

That extra day is like winning the lottery, or that nickel. It begs to be spent on something frivolous. But there is a finite quality when it comes to time, so we should not spend it recklessly as I did that nickel (most likely on a candy bar or jawbreakers).

I could work on my autobiography. So far, I’ve only written the title, “Mil’s Grim Progress.”   Remember “The Pilgrim’s Progress” that we read in school? Think it would sell?

Nah, too dull. Who’d read it?