The saying “You can take the boy out of the country but not the country out of the boy,” is very true.  In my personal case, it’s “you can take the gal out of the small town but not the small town out of the gal.”

Like many young people, I moved to Minneapolis from the small town where I was born and raised.  Minneapolis was mecca to many young persons as they sought, not fame and fortune, but career opportunities that were lacking in home towns.

I did, however, have career opportunities locally.  Fortunately or wisely, I declined them.  I was offered a position as a linotype operator at the local newspaper office.  Lead, necessary for typesetting, was needed in the production of ammunition during WWII, so the position would not have lasted.

The local theater offered me a position to run the projector for movies.  With the arrival of television, I’d soon be out of a job there too as the theater closed.

Before dial telephones, all calls were placed through a “Central” operator.  Another job opportunity that would have gone by the wayside quickly.

So I was fortunate in declining these and similar offers.

It was often said “Minneapolis is the largest small town in America,” because it was comprised of many persons like myself.

Because of my small town heritage, I love living in DeKalb, although it is much larger in population than mine was and is.

That is also why I like watching some of the reruns of TV programs like Mary Tyler Moore and Andy Griffith.  The Mary Tyler Moore show did not mirror my experience as she had a much more glamorous career than I had as a secretary.

The Andy Griffith show reminds me of my home town though and, call me a simpleton if you will, but I enjoy the homespun plots.

The folksy way Andy Griffith deals with problems, mostly caused by Barney, played so skillfully and annoyingly by the late Don Knotts, reminds me of the folksy people I knew back then.

My experience is not unique and was repeated by many others who forsook their small town upbringing but not their values.  I find the warmth and neighborliness here in DeKalb to be much the same as I knew back then.

Take a look at these old programs.  I think they will be uplifting and remind you of a simpler time.