I’m a thinker and often engage in “wool gathering,”  i.e., to indulge in aimless reverie.  It sometimes occurs during  a sleepless night.

Perhaps I am just ill-informed but I think we don’t have any great thinkers or philosophers in modern times like we did centuries ago.   For examples, think of Plato, Aristotle, Goethe, Voltaire, to mention just a few.

They were great thinkers because they weren’t distracted by television, radio and film and were able to sit around thinking deep thoughts.

Remember Newton, the English scientist and mathematician back in the 17th century?   What if he’d been watching House of Cards or Downton Abbey instead of sitting under a tree, watching that apple fall to the ground?  Gravity might still be a deep mystery to us and the laws of motion may never have been explained.

How about our forefathers in the pre-television era?  Would anyone have taken the time to write the Declaration of Independence?

I wonder if they all had sleepless nights and that is when they came up with their ideas.  Seriously, I find night time the most conducive to thinking though.  The darkness, the quiet, and no distractions of any kind are very thought-provoking.

Unfortunately, by morning, any brilliant nocturnal thoughts have eluded me and are never recorded.

I do recall some of my thoughts like the expression “mad as a wet hen.”  What’s she so mad about? I know I’d be pretty upset if someone doused me right after I’d been at the hairdresser.

I thought of the expression when we came upon a rancid odor.  We’d say, “it smelled like a wet goat standing next to a fire.”  Did he get wet from standing too close to said hen?

I often think of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the night too and their marvelous inventions like the Iphone, Ipad, text messaging, etc.

At the same time I do worry about the use of these inventions where the young seem to be so pre-occupied, using only their thumbs to communicate.  Will thumbs become obsolete from this over-use some day…their descendants thumb-less?

When Ma Bell controlled our telephone system, we let our fingers do the “walking.”  Now it’s thumbs that do our “talking.”

By the way, I didn’t say I was a GREAT thinker…only that I am a thinker.