It’s the thought that counts, my mother often said. Given with love, a fistful of dandelions means as much as a dozen roses.

Reading the above quote I thought of Mother’s Day and what the little ones do for us when very young.

At one time or another, I believe, many of us mothers have had dandelions brought to us that were clutched in little hands.

Also, what mother doesn’t have an outline of the little hand of one or more of their children that they traced while in kindergarten or a drawing that was proudly brought home and posted on our refrigerator?

I recall one year when mine were given permission to walk to a nearby store, to buy my Mother’s Day gift.

Upon their return, they furtively wrapped the gift out of sight of my prying eyes.  I confess I have forgotten what the item was back then, but not the pride with which it was presented to me, or the childish scrawl telling of their great love for me.

Another year I was treated to breakfast in bed. It consisted of burned toast, cold cereal, and re-heated coffee (under the supervision of their father).

I also recall a time during the Depression when I myself was allowed to go to the store alone in our small town. I bought my mother a 29-cent gift because that was all I had saved. Years later, I learned that the kindly store clerk had added some of her own money to mine so I could buy a bowl that I was sure Mom would love.

She had wrapped the bowl poorly in plain brown paper imprinted with “Our Own Hardware,” with nothing to protect it.

As I skipped merrily home, I tripped on a curb, and smashed the unprotected bowl to smithereens. I just picked it up and presented the tinkling package to my mother with a look of pride and love. My mother’s questioning look did not faze me. I could only see a look of appreciation with my young eyes.

Later, I overheard her telling one of my aunts about the gift and I could not figure what they were laughing about.

Even though the bowl was useless, all I could remember was that my mother often said, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Happy Mothers’ Day.