We set aside days to honor, (appreciate) certain professions and people, mothers, fathers, teachers, nurses, etc.

        I was wondering if there is a day set aside to just appreciate ordinary little things in our lives.   I could find no such listing.

        Not to be presumptuous but why don’t we set aside an Appreciation Day of our own just to appreciate the good things in our lives?

        As the old song put it, “Accentuate the positive.”

        True, there is much in life that is negative.  Newspapers get called to task for reporting so much bad news, but there are also good news items that perhaps you don’t find in the headlines.

        The human interest stories often escape our perusal on the inside pages of a newspaper.

        Someone stops traffic while a mother duck escorts her little ones across a busy street.  We can all appreciate and relate to that.

        There are times to truly appreciate something, when we have had to be without it.  We have to have been in darkness to appreciate the light. Think of a power outage and how we appreciate it once it’s restored.

        This is also true when it comes to being away from loved ones for a time.  We must endure the sorrow of being separated to appreciate the joy of reunion.

        When it’s cloudy and rainy, remember,  “A blind man would appreciate being able to look out on a day like this.”

        At some time we have had to be sad to appreciate joy.

        Maybe it’s due to my advanced years, that I appreciate so many little things.

        We took a pain-free day for granted in our youth.   Now we appreciate it.

        Think of the many things you have had to go without for a short period and how happy you are when it’s restored – a lost item found, a

 child wandering off and found safely, our appreciation mingling with anger at his wandering off in the first place.

        Small random acts of kindness – appreciate kindness —  a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

        One of my favorite hymns is “Let there be peace on earth.” Substitute “appreciation,” for peace.  The last line is “Let it begin with me.”