The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time each year to pause from our helter-skelter lives to ponder all the things for which we are thankful.

No matter how few worldly goods we possess, most of us can be thankful for something.

We often say, “thank goodness,” or “thank heaven,” but do we really think about what it means?

Living in a civilized society, it is commonplace to say thank you to someone for a kind deed performed for us, be it to a friend or to a waiter in a restaurant. or a stranger holding the door open for us.

There are countless everyday things for which to be thankful.

Did you sleep well last night? Be thankful if you did. Many people are in too much pain or worried about a loved one to enjoy that luxury.

If we can no longer walk without the aid of a cane, walker or wheelchair, be thankful that such help is available.

Remember the story about the person who complained when he had no shoes? Then met someone who had no feet?

While waiting for an elevator one day, I was joined by a person in a wheelchair. Making conversation, I (thoughtlessly) said, “I hope it comes soon as I can’t stand too long because of my aching back.”

Imagine my remorse when he said, “I wish I could stand.”

Are you thankful you can read? We may need visual enhancement, but thankfully there are glasses and contact lenses.

The gift of hearing with or without aids is another wonderful blessing.

We can usually find someone who has more to be thankful for than we do, but many of us can find much for which to give thanks not just on this national holiday but every day.

No matter if we do not have a lot of earthly goods, just think, “What if I lost everything I now have?” and then if it were all restored, how thankful you would be?

Am I thankful for all the years with which I have been blessed? You bet I am.

Some people may not be happy with the outcome of our recent election, but thankfully it is finally over. How blessed it is to live in a country that gives us a voice in who will govern us.

God bless America. And Happy Thanksgiving.