I once came across this quote:  Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet.

          With a New Year beginning, how many diets were begun on January 2?  Only 8% of the population achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, according to statistics.

          Depressing when you think of the high hopes everyone began the year 2017. There’s something to be said about new beginnings.  The slate is clean.  There are 365 days in which we can do some self-improvement – not just in cutting back on food intake.  Do you enjoy gossip?  Give that up and say nice things about everyone.  Or nothing at all.  That’s another way toward self-improvement.

          That is easier to accomplish because it’s not necessary for life but eating is.

Our social lives are geared toward eating and drinking together.

          During my working days, it seemed there was always someone having a birthday, bringing cake or other goodies to the office.  It’s difficult to resist at those times especially when we’re hungry.  Plus risk offending the celebrant.  That’s the excuse I used.

          I’d bring some tasteless cardboard-like treat that most often ended up in the circular file and was replaced with the strawberry whipped cream concoction that was passed around.

          When we are stressed, we like to reward ourselves by indulging in a cigarette if we are trying to give up smoking or a dessert.   It’s no small coincidence that the word “stressed” can be re-arranged to spell desserts.

          If we resist that temptation, there is the constant one on television with a myriad of ads showing delectable burgers and fries, milk shakes from the fast food chains.

          Isn’t it amusing that right after seeing people gorging themselves with these gourmet delights, there is a commercial for a new miracle diet plan you can join?  Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

          I joined a group diet plan one time and on the way home from the meeting, we stopped for a milk shake and other delights, despite the leader’s advice, “The diet starts TONIGHT.  Not tomorrow.”

          A parting cheery note:  The 2nd day of a new miracle diet is the easiest.  Because by that time, you are usually off of it.  So take heart and if you don’t succeed, Lent is coming up soon and you can begin anew.

          Good luck.