Donald Trump is the first “Donald” elected to the presidency.  I discovered six presidents were named James (“Jimmy” Carter, Garfield, Buchanan, Polk, Monroe and Madison) –  more than any other first name.
Five presidents named John (Adams, Quincy Adams, Tyler, J. Calvin Coolidge, Kennedy).
Four presidents named William (Harrison, McKinley, Taft, “Bill” Clinton).

No other presidents were named Donald, even though Donald ranks 440th as a popular name in the U.S.

One of Walt Disney’s famous cartoon characters is Donald Duck.  No political implication here on my part.

The Gaelic name Domhnall means ruler of the world.  (From the trusty Internet)

I wondered if any president changed his given name like so many movie stars did?  Would changing one’s name make one more successful?

Would Joan Crawford have made it as Lucille LeSueur?

Would Cary Grant have been the romantic idol he was as Archibald Leach?

Hedy Lamar was originally Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler.  But she was more than just a beautiful actress.  A not-so-well-known fact is that she was also a brilliant scientist and inventor.

When a baby is born, we have no way of knowing what type of personality it will have.  Do they become who they are later in life due to their moniker?

Baby girls are sometimes given masculine names. Does she become more masculine because of that?

Your name can also reveal your age.  I was once introduced to someone by my full name (Mildred) and when he heard my name, he said, “You must be about 50, right?” He endeared himself to me immediately — NOT.

Did I mention this happened years ago?

The Bible is often used as a source for names too.   The first name I thought of is Mary, of course.  Then there is Sarah, Ruth, Mathew, Mark, and the afore-mentioned James and John.  No Goliath though.

Is our personality influenced by our name?

Would I be different if my name were more glamorous?  I guess not when you consider “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Only works on the infamous rose.

I guess we are who we are.

Do you know why you were named as you were?