I’m taking a break from today’s more serious problems of the world, and offering  something superficial.  These are my own personal observations, in no particular order.             I hope they take your mind off of more serious current  events.

             Picture yourself lying on your back on a grassy hill watching white puffy clouds floating by against an azure sky. Let your mind wander.

            A radio commercial asks if we would like to have our personal debt cancelled.  A phone number is provided for further details.  The first thought in my head is, what about those who pay their debts promptly? How do they feel about this?

            Another scenario is a mother and daughter being told they look like sisters!  The mother beams. But how about the daughter who in all likelihood is at least about eighteen years younger than her mother.  How does she feel about the comparison?

            While carrying a full cup of coffee across the room to my computer, I find that if I look at it, I spill a little, but if I don’t look at it — no spill.  Why is that?

            If you speak to someone in a whisper, in all likelihood, they will also whisper.  In high school I had a sore throat and could not speak above a whisper.  I whispered to the teacher, “May I be excused today?”   He whispered back, ”Why?”

            Why hasn’t anyone invented a shoulder strap for handbags that stays on our shoulder?  Same about bra straps.

            Try this:    Ask a woman what color lipstick she is wearing and note, she will lick her lips before answering.

            When I can’t hear someone speaking to me, I raise my voice.  How does that help?

            When calling the theater asking for the start time of a movie, the time is not accurate because we are subjected to an endless showing of advertisements that go on and on long before the actual movie starts.

            We elderly tell the history of a piece of jewelry or garment we are wearing when someone compliments us on it.  Why do we do that?

            When someone asks “how are you?” we seniors reply by telling them more than necessary. Remember, “How are you” is a greeting.  Don’t tell them about your indigestion.   It’s a greeting,  Not a question.

            These are examples of things that puzzle me.  How about you?  Space constraints prevent adding more.