Stephen Hawking, the genius theoretical physicist, said we must gather our belongings and get out in the next century if we are to survive.

Hawking suggests we are at great risk of mass extinction if we don’t leave Mother Earth.

I’m not really starting to pack just yet, but it’s a scary prediction that at least has me thinking about it, and I’m looking for an overnight bag.

I’d also start thinking where I’d like to live should his prediction come true while I was still alive (doubtful).

Man has been searching the skies for signs of intelligent life on other planets for years with no success.

If there is life on other planets, they’re probably far too intelligent to want to reach us. If they ever do so, we’d probably end up being their pets, like a family dog or cat. Can you see yourself playing fetch in the backyard like Fido does now? Or being relegated to being a mouse exterminator as the family cat?

Hawking went on to cite the danger of artificial intelligence. In a Washington Post article by Peter Holley, Hawking said: “Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans who are limited by slow biological evolution couldn’t compete and would be superseded.”

Have you ever tried to overrule your computer? There are times when mine seems to have a mind of its own – when it won’t allow me to use “ain’t” when making a point, or certain cuss words. (I don’t say “ain’t” and I don’t really curse, but it’s just an example.)

Remember Hal, the computer in the film, 2001 Space Odyssey? How he (it) took over?

Following is a quote I read and jotted down many years ago, from American nuclear physicist Ralph Lapp: “We are aboard a train which is gathering speed, racing down a track on which there are an unknown number of switches, leading to unknown destinations. No single scientist is in the engine car and there may be demons at the switch. Most of society is in the caboose looking backward.”

You’ve probably heard that we’re looking for signs of intelligent life on Mars.

Considering the mess the world is in, it begs the question – is there intelligent life here?