I recently had a minor windfall. I found a quarter! It reminded me of another day when I walked to the hair salon where we used to live.

I heard mourning doves cooing under some bushes. Stepping off the sidewalk to investigate, I spied a quarter nearby. Eureka! Slipping it into my pocket, I continued walking, forgetting about the doves.

I passed a school playground. A dime was lying there under a swing set. Might have been milk money for some youngster, but I slipped it into my pocket without qualms. Maybe he’ll be more careful next time.

As I reached the hair salon parking lot, a nickel next to a parking meter caught my eye. Is there no end to my good fortune today?

Someone must have dropped it as he fed the meter and was either unaware of it or too proud to stoop for a measly nickel. Not I. As a child of the Depression, I had no such pride.

I now had 40 cents more than when I began my walk.

Sitting under the hair dryer, I contemplated what to do with my new found riches. Not nearly enough for a gratuity for the hair dresser.

I thought of the old maxim, “”money is the root of all evil.””

Was I an evil person?

Then I recalled a different version of that saying. The pursuit of money is the root of all evil.”

Since I had not pursued this new-found wealth, I was in the clear and felt no guilt.

Walking home, I stopped at a news agency for a newspaper. I found two pennies as I crossed the parking lot.

Will they discontinue minting the lowly penny? They report that it costs more to mint than it’s worth.

I hope not. What is to become of me with a name like mil (small ““m,” which is a tenth of cent)?

The pennies reminded me when I was a little girl. My mother tied three pennies in the corner of my hankie (no disposable tissues back then). They were for the collection plate on Sundays at church. How I wished I could have purchased a jawbreaker or a stick of gum instead, as I dutifully donated them.

I don’’t recall what became of my windfall but you know the old saying, “easy come, easy go.”

At least I still have the quarter I found.