I came across The 184th Anniversary (1792-1976) Edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  It’s intriguing and a treasure trove of historic events, useful information and, of course, weather.  To me, it’s audacious to try to predict the weather a year in advance.

          As expected, signing of the Declaration of Independence and the 56 who signed was featured. Stephen Hopkins (69) of Rhode Island, though his hand trembled, stated “his heart was firm.”

          A Liberty Bell sketch was included and described as the “Bell That Never Rang.”

          In “The Economics of 1876” came the slogan, “Not Worth a Continental.”  If more money was needed to finance the Revolution, they just printed up some. One coin was engraved “Continental Currency 1776.” Simple, but it did not work.  Could we say this was the first counterfeit money?

          A helpful hint in “Cucumber and Beauty,” told how you could get rid of expensive cosmetics and make your own face cream.  It must not have caught on as the cosmetic industry is still going strong.  I’m keeping the recipe though if my favorite cosmetic company keeps discontinuing the products I like.

          Did you know that President Taft, our heaviest president at 352 pounds, became wedged in his bathtub and had to summon help?

          In a piece called, “Cycles, Nature’s Incredible Time Clocks That Rule Our Lives,” I learned “One hundred years’ worth of records show that grasshoppers’ abundance rises and falls rhythmically every 9.2 years.”  Good to know in case you’re ever a contestant on Jeopardy.

          Everyone knows about The Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  But, do you know much about the far more disastrous fire that same night in Peshtigo, Wisconsin?  That’s here too.

          You can use the clean lint from your dryer for stuffing homemade toys for children

          Another tidbit — vinegar is more effective than any hand lotion?  (I haven’t tried this, or the following):

          Add two teaspoons of cider vinegar to a half glass of water.  Drink it about a half hour before dining out to avert internal distress from greasy food and too much MSG.  Might save a trip to an internist.

          Finally, an ad for Arm & Hammer baking soda. Use to freshen combs and brushes to remove dirt, oils and sprays by soaking in 3 tablespoons of B.S. in warm water.  

          Sadly, I’ve run out of space.