There are more serious topics to discuss. This is meant to take your mind off of current events.

With Facebook, Texting, and Twitter on our computers we have added to the spate of people sharing our thinking.

Picture Abraham Lincoln tweeting the Gettysburg address on Twitter instead of writing it on the back of an envelope.  Sadly, it may not have survived the ages.

Watching a documentary about Mark Twain amazed me when I found that he wrote his manuscripts in longhand before the invention of the typewriter or computer.  He was one of the first writers to use a typewriter once it was invented.  With a mind like his, imagine what he could do were he alive today.  Goes to show you that equipment is not a prerequisite for success in the writing field.  All it takes to be successful is to have a creative mind like Twain had.

True, he was also very successful on the lecture circuit. Who hasn’t heard at least several of his witticisms that have survived all these years.

With the ease to write our thoughts electronically, there are few letters these days  to be read and cherish in the future.

Just think — all the words in the dictionary are available to us all.  It’s just that some people are able to put them together in a more entertaining and interesting way than many of us.

There once was an exhibit of someone’s photography.  One viewer remarked, “You must have a wonderful camera.”

When asked her profession, she replied she was a successful, best-selling author, to which the photographer replied, “You must have a wonderful typewriter.”

Gerald Ochs Davis, Sr., wrote the following in “Fifty Years in Publishing,”

“One day God decided he would visit the earth.  Strolling down the road, God encountered a sobbing man.  “Why are you crying, my son?”  The man said, “God, I am blind.”  So God touched him and the man could see and he was happy.  As God walked farther he met another crying man and asked, “Why are you crying, my son?” The man said, “God, I am crippled.”  So God touched him and the man could walk and he was happy. Farther down the road, God met yet a third man crying and asked the same question.  The man said, “God, I’m a writer.” and God sat down and cried with him.