When Spring keeps flirting with us like the coquette she can be, I composed an imaginary want ad in my head as follows:


          Subject has been missing for some time.  Sightings have been reported but none conclusive thus far.  When approached, she scampers off.   Anyone having knowledge of Spring’s whereabouts should report to the nearest radio or television station so sightings may be confirmed.

          March 20, the calendar’s first day of Spring, comes and goes many years.  We foolishly believe (and hope) it is true, but alas, it rarely is.    It has been said that Spring is when Mother Nature begins to liquidate her frozen assets.  – From an Anonymous source.

          I liken waiting for Spring to truly arrive to wishing for something we don’t have.  The longer the wait, the more the appreciation.

          When Spring seems to finally arrives, we are once more children. Then she skips merrily away with no sign she will return.

          Perhaps wind is the culprit that causes Spring to hide as it is a strong adversary of Spring.  Ol’ Sol can shine ever so brightly in a cloudless blue sky, but the cold wind always wins out and causes Spring to run skulking off into the woods.

          She reminds me of Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip as she promises Charlie Brown she will hold the football for him to kick and then whisks it away at the last moment, leaving him lying on the grass with egg on his face again.

          There were multiple clues indicating she has not completely disappeared.  Forsythia blooms and crocus is peeking through the ground.

          Another clue that Spring is near, birds foolishly find the dryer vent is a warm place to build nests, affecting efficiency and must be destroyed.

          Aroma of freshly-turned earth abounds as gardeners and farmers prepare the soil for planting.

          Golfers are also in evidence as they prepare to tee off instead of being teed off about the gloomy Spring.

          The roar of lawn mowers has replaced the scrape of shovels and snowplows on streets and walks.

          We can take heart that soon the weather will actually feel like Spring even though Mother Nature reminds us she is still in charge.

          No Winter lasts forever and no Spring skips its turn.

          And finally, Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.