Mil Misic has been writing letters to the editor of the Chicago Tribune since 1981.   Her more recent writings appear in the Daily Chronicle in DeKalb, Illinois.   Her love of writing and observations on the world around her have entertained her family, friends, and strangers for many years.  Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Darlene McKenzie said:

    Dear Mil, How I enjoy your writings & words of wisdom! While reading the the Chicago Tribune, I discovered your pieces, and looked forward to finding your name. I continue to do so! Now, I have discovered you online & am so happy!
    Question: Are you of Croatian ancestry? My maiden name is Kruzic, (Croatian), & I was curious about the heritage of your last name, Misic.

    Again, I thoroughly enjoy your words and would like to receive your writing pieces regularly through my email.

    My best to you, Ms. Misic!

    Most sincerely,

    Darlene McKenzie

  2. Darlene McKenzie said:

    Hi Mil,

    It is me, Darlene McKenzie, from Valparaiso, IN. Do please post any new articles you have written. You are so good to read! I wrote you an email, but did not have your proper email address, and could not send it. I wish you happy & healthy days. Keep writing~ you are amazin! My email address is: flint2414@gmail.com

    Thank you, Mil!


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